Day three of the road trip brought wonderful surprises! Since we knew our drive from Austin to Van Horn, Texas would be shorter, we were able to spend a considerable amount of time giving Austin a second chance. We started out waiting an hour in line at Franklin’s Barbecue, a little shop that is notorious for having the best barbecue in Austin. It did NOT disappoint. Dad and I tried the pulled pork, ribs and brisket, and everything was INCREDIBLE. We got to meet the owner, who is a really great guy, and we loved the food. It definitely redeemed the day for sure. We then headed to Gourdough’s, a gourmet doughnut shop that was fantastic. The doughnuts had FROSTING AND BROWNIES ON THEM. Enough said. We then hit the road and arrived in Van Horn, Texas approximately 6 hours later. Van Horn is an incredibly small town, and I was pretty sure we were going to get murdered. We stayed in a famous hotel that was converted from an old bank, and so it was actually a pretty cool place. We were exhausted from the day, so once again we passssed out.