Well, quite a bit has happened since my last entry! I will write another blog going into the details of my job and exploring and things of that nature in a bit, but right now I need to share a bit about what I hope to be a defining moment in my time in Los Angeles. Today my classmates and I were given the opportunity to tour the Disney Animation building on the Disney lot. I have been to the lot before, many times on runs from Soapbox, but I had never been inside of this building before. I am always giddy walking around the lot, but the giddiness reached a monumental height today when walking through the halls, lined with sketches from past and future films, meeting editors and animators and producers and many many more. We were treated with some presentations that highlighted the many aspects and steps that occur when making an animated movie. We saw storyboards, animator-recorded live role playings’ of scenes, rough animations, and completed animations. It was absolutely incredible. I have loved Disney forever, so this was a real treat. I’m pretty sure my eyes were wide and my mouth was hanging open in admiration and awe the entire hour and a half that we were there. Needless to say, I believe I have found my calling haha. I never considered Disney to be a viable option for me, but now that I have seen the inter workings of the company, and how many different options there are when it comes to working on these films, I have hope. 

Enjoy this little reel of some of Disney’s most memorable animations :)

TODAY was a wonderful day exploring downtown Los Angeles! My roommate and I headed out early to scour downtown LA for the scenes from 500 Days of Summer, one of our favorite movies. The first place we hit was the public library, where we found parking. Inside the library was a small store where they were having a huge sale. It was filled with a bunch of adorable crap, but the best thing was this book a man wrote about the little foods that he prepares for his HAMSTER. I had to force myself not to buy it. 

Next we searched for the bench that Tom and Summer sit on in the film, and after a bit of walking, we finally found it. The park was ADORABLE and we were both instantly in love. We sat here for quite a while and took a ton of pictures. After we got our fix, we headed towards the record store that Tom and Summer are seen at in the film, and along the way we met up with a few of our other friends. We stopped at a cupcake shop along the way (which has apparently been on food network) and obviously we had to sample their delicious cupcakes. Greg and I shared the Reese’s cupcake and it was heavenly. 

We went to the record store, but it turned out to just have DVDs, so we kept walking, found a farmers market, went to another book/record store, and then Gaby and I decided to head home.

We got Chipotle for dinner (YUM!) and then a few of us went to a hookah lounge down the street, which was very chill. Now I’m headed to bed :) 


Yeah yeah I know, I’m a terrible blogger.

I didn’t promise you all a daily entry, okay?!

But anyways, I’m super busy (i promise) and so it has been a bit hard to update! But alas, I am here. So pretty much since I last updated, I worked a ton (i LOVE my job), I ate some foods (i LOVE foods), and I shopped. 

As you can see above, we went bowling the other night. It was a glow in the dark kinda thing which was cool. We had lots o’ fun.

Other than that, Marcos and I made ropa vieja from scratch the other night! It was awesome. A laborious process of 4 hours definitely payed off! 

We had sushi tonight which was DELICIOUS! A small place down the street that I will definitely be going back to.

There is a picture up there of me eating lunch in my car, which is just as pathetic in real life as it looks. I usually don’t have time for much else, and its also quite nice to be alone for even thirty minutes. People stare at me but it doesn’t bother me too much. I’m also usually talking on the phone with my mother (myonlyfriend) but always on speaker phone so I legitimately look like a psycho that talks to themselves and eats alone in their car in a whole foods parking lot.

But yeah, we havent done too much as of late. This friday we are meeting Gary Marshall which should be awesome! I plan to go exploring this weekend, and so there should be some interesting pictures to come! 


Sorry it’s been so long since my last post! We have been quite busy here. This post is gunna be short and sweet. This week I had a wonderful 4 days of work. I’m getting to know everyone in the office and they are all super nice. I am really excited to be able to go on set and just keep learning.

Friday we got to tour some production companies, we met two feature film writers who were really nice and very knowledgeable. We also saw Real Time with Bill Maher, which I really enjoyed (mainly because I watch that show with my dad all the time). Then Saturday two of my roommates and I went to the Beverly Mall, then we met up with some other roommates at Venice Beach, which was once again an insane experience. After walking a bajillion miles to find our friends, we got to relax on the beach and play football, which was awesome. Then I put my feet in the water for the first time, and it was freezing! We then went home and had a chill night at the apartment.

Today we went to costco in the morning then attended a barbecque organized by our teacher at the clubhouse in Oakwood. A bunch of FSU alums showed up, so we ate and swam and mingled. It was quite fun.

Then we feasted on a DELICIOUS smorgasbord of chinese food. It was INCREDIBLE. We had like three different fried rices’, three different chickens and a bunch of fortune cookies. Heaven sent.

Not we are all off to bed to prepare for another week of real people work! YAY 

First Day of Work!

So today was my first real day of work. I am pretty tired so I will make this rather brief :) I spent most of my day with my supervisor Kathryn, and she gave me a second tour of the facility and showed me what my responsibilities will be at work. I then when on a run with the PA in the office, which was easy, and then I went on my lunch break. After my break, I tidied up the office on my own and then I was sent on my first run. Boy what an adventure it was. I’ll spare you all the gory details, but basically after getting lost in an equestrian’s club, I found the giant building that is supposedly Disney owned. Upon exiting my car, I bent down to pick something up and ended up dropping a DVD that I was delivering. A DVD which happened to be holding down the slip that the client was supposed to sign. At first it just fell on the ground, but then it started to roll away. I put the hard drive down and ran after it, but unfortunately the wind picked it up instantly and it was about 20 stories high within seconds. After a quick call to my supervisor, I sorted out the situation. The rest of the day was pretty chill. I got to sit with some people in the office who are all extremely willing to teach me. It is pretty awesome. I am definitely excited about this internship! :)

This is a quick weekend update. We basically did nothing this weekend, but Sunday we went to the same farmer’s market that Dad and I went to last week. This week, I bought a delicious assortment of goodies. Three bacon avocados for homemade guacamole, an artichoke hummus and a loaf of sourdough garlic bread. YUM. Also, I spotted Harry Shum Jr., also known as Mike Chang from Glee. He was with his parents and did not look as though he wished to be bothered, so we tried to stealthily get a photo of me with him in the background. My roommates tell me that he noticed, and looked pissed. This does not phase me.

I spent the rest of my weekend catching up on Game of Thrones and Skins Season 3. Good use of my time if I do say so myself.

Yipeeeee! Yesterday was a very long day. It started off with two lectures back to back, but instead of just powerpoints, they were guest speakers. First we had Jamie Linden who wrote the screenplay for We are Marshal and Dear John. As a huge fan of Dear John, I was pretty excited to meet him. He told us a lot about his writing process and the projects that he has worked on. Pekurny decided to be cute and tell Jamie how much I like Dear John, and so Jamie and I had a pretty “intimiate” ;) discussion about the film in front of the rest of the class haha. I pretty much fangirled for 20 minutes. It was quite exciting. Next we met two LATE alums who both work in music video production. They had a lot of interesting advice about how to start and what it’s like to work freelance. After the lectures we all ran home to eat quickly and then we headed off to Warner Brothers to watch the taping of America’s Best Dance Crew. I was really the only one who was at all interested in this show, so the group was pretty sluggish. We didn’t have to wait very long outside, but once we got inside, there was an abundance of waiting. We were seated in the friends and family section of the stands, so everyone around us was related to someone in one of the “crews.” This didn’t really dawn on us until we were pretty far into ripping each crew apart, verbally and loudly. The highlights of the show were spotting the kid who plays Teen Wolf eating a ring pop like a complete doichebag, and then Mario Lopez (who I am basically stalking now …) coming into the section that we were sitting in to film one of the lead ins. He was standing directly next to where we were sitting, and he grabbed and held Gaby’s hand. She was pretty excited. Then, something came over me and I screamed out MARIO! He looked over at me and I mouthed in an incredibly creepy way “i love you” to which he responded with a sly smile and a thank you. Then he winked and the entire row of us, boys and girls, swooned. I kid you not. After that, everything seemed wonderful. The crew was not very organized and we had to watch each performance twice. When the taping was finally done, we were all exhausted and hungry. We went to a place called El Bar very close to our apartment. Then we went home and went to bed :)

So I have started to run out of time each night to blog; instead I will probably be blogging the next day :) So, yesterday was a fun day! We started our day in lecture with Pekurny, and that ran quite long. We learned about the television industry; it was very informative but a bit lengthy. Afterwards the girls and some of the boys in the program went to In N Out burger for a quick lunch. The girls then ran home, changed quickly and went to the Warner Brothers lot, which is right down the street from our apartment. We checked in with our reservation and got out bracelets for CONAN! We had to wait in a parking garage for about 45 minutes before they started to line everyone up, but they did have benches AND they gave out popsicles. It was quite nice! Then, they lined us up and walked us (like cattle) through the Warner Brother’s lot to get to the studio where Conan films. On the way, we saw the door to the lot where the FRIENDS stage is, and the parking spaces for the cast of the Big Bang Theory, which was pretty cool. Once inside the studio, they tell you not to take photos, but I managed to snag one. The set looked extremely tiny compared to what you are seeing on TV. We only had to wait inside for about 30 minutes and then a warm up comedian came out and entertained all of us idiots by making fun of people in the audience. That was wildly entertaining. Then, the band came out and played some funky jazz tunes, and finally Andy came out. He looked just as adorably pudgy in person as he does on TV. Soon, Conan came out and everybody lost their minds. I was startled at first because his makeup/ the light they had on him made him look like a ghost/mummy/sandman. After adjusting the lights and my eyes, He finally began to look more normal, but it was weird. The show was funny, the guests were Piers Morgan, Ben Falcone and Ed Sheeran. Ed Sheeran did an excellent job and I downloaded his CD right when we got back to the apartment.

After Conan the girls returned to our room and relaxed for a bit. We then met up with some of the boys and decided to head to CityWalk to eat and see The Avengers. We headed over there and got some food, then walked around a bit and finally went to see the movie. I really enjoyed the movie, and even though I was exhausted, it still held my attention. There were some particularly obnoxious people in the theater being really loud but I didn’t let it ruin my movie going experience! After the movie we came right home and promptly passed out. 

I also contacted my internship site and they want to see me tomorrow for paperwork and introductions! I am extremely excited to start working!!!